Cobh (Great Island) Community Centre Clg. – C(GI)CC Clg. is fully committed to providing a professional, efficient, courteous and the best quality service to all our customers, guests and visitors. Our aim is to promote services, always acting with diligence, efficiency, courtesy, and equality of treatment to everyone we deal with. The Centre is home to many groups as well as catering for a variety of other users ranging from charitable organisations, sports groups. and many more.

Our Commitment to You

Customers and visitors satisfaction is very important to us. We achieve this by:

  • Giving our Customers and Visitors the best possible service and advice.
  • Treating our Customers and Visitors in a proper, fair, impartial, and courteous manner
  • Aiming to ensure that rights to equal treatment set out by equality legislation are upheld in the delivery of our services
  • Aiming, where possible, to meet any special needs our customers may have.
  • Letter or Email – we will acknowledge receipt of any communications within 1 working day. We will ensure that a substantive reply to our customers will follow within 15 working days of initial receipt. We will also inform customers that complex queries may take a longer period to resolve. We will also provide our customers with a name, phone number and or email address for the person who will be dealing with a particular query and will endeavour
    to act upon all queries when individual staff members are absent from the office for any reason.
  • In providing our services through our website and Social Media platforms, we will ensure that our website offers information to suit our customers’ needs and that information through our website is accessible to all customers.

Feedback and Complaints

  • We will welcome and take on board as appropriate any feedback you may provide to help us to continuously improve our service delivery and in our role of identifying good practice for others etc. To give us feedback on any of our services or a specific service provided to you, please call us on (021) 4815904, or email, or alternatively you can contact us via Social Media.
  • We will ensure that all our generally available information is accessible in both electronic and printed formats.
  • We will provide accurate information, using clear and simple language that is relevant to your enquiry.
  • You have a right to complain if the standard of service you have received is not on a par with that set out in this Charter.
  • Manager and staff will use the Complaints Policy and Procedure for the different type of complaints that are received into the C(GI)CC Clg. office.

Please note: Complaints are defined into four key areas:

  • Complaints in relation to Management
  • Complaint in relation Staff
  • Complaint in relation to Volunteers
  • Other complaints


We will approach all our interactions with Customers and Visitors in a professional manner, promoting an environment of courtesy, sensitivity, and mutual


We are committed to transparency in all its decision-making processes and will deal with customers in a conscientious and honest manner ensuring impartiality at all levels.

Better Co-ordination

We commit to linking and coordinating in a flexible manner with other structures at national/regional/local level as appropriate to help advance better co-ordination of the types of services we deliver.


We will endeavour to meet and communicate with our customers in an accessible manner. We will ensure full adherence to the right to equal treatment established by equality legislation, and will accommodate diversity, in line with the areas covered by existing and future legislation.

Websites, Social Media Platforms, and publications
We provide an accessible, informative, and usable website. The social media platforms will be accessible, informative and share practice ideas. We will ensure that our explanation about our rental and secretarial services are clear and concise, address user needs.

Official Languages
We will make every effort to accommodate our customers, but our official Language is English.

Evaluation and reporting

This Charter has been developed following consultation with a wide range of our customers and visitors, and we will continue to monitor our performance through research and adjust policies in line with needs presented.

Contact Us

We are contactable in person, through phone, email, Social Media and post. Please see the contact details below:

Cobh (Great Island) Community Centre Clg.,
Orelia Terrace, Kilgarvan,
Cobh, Co. Cork,
Ireland, P24WP82
+353 21 48 15904

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